BBVW SU (Superior Used)

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BBVW SU (Superior Used)

Post  HydreigonMaster635 on Sat Jan 26, 2013 3:14 pm

Hello, and welcome to my creation for BBVW: the SU tier. SU (Superior Used) includes the Pokemon that are too good for OU but don't quite cut it in Ubers where Smogon may just throw them, so I solved this dilemma by making a whole new tier. SU may just seem to you to be a knock off of OU just filled with powerful pokes. However, a lot is different. You are now able to run powerful combinations banned in OU (ie. Swift Swim + Drizzle and Sand Rush + Sand Stream.) Also Latios and Latias are powerful threats as well now that they can run their signiture item: Soul Dew.

Keep in mind this tier does take a lot of skill to play. One wrong move or a poorly built team and you will be easily swept (probably by my main man Excadrill XD.) Despite all that, SU is an incredibly fun tier to play and is easily my favorite. The Pokemon earned their spot here and should not be taken lightly. Either, it's something in their moveset, stats, or abilities, whatever it may be learn about these Pokemon and watch out for them on the battle field. If you see something in RED this is a BBVW exclusive change. Enjoy, and as always any questions feel free to hit me up on Skype.

SU Specific Banlist:

Sand Veil
Snow Cloak

All Pokemon from the Uber Tier.

All tier-wide bans, clauses, and rules are in affect as well. These can be found in the rules thread.

Type: Fire/Fighting
Abilities: Blaze/Speed Boost
HP: 80
Atk: 120
Def: 70
SpA: 110
SpD: 70
Spd: 80
Total: 530

Type: Psychic
Abilities: Pressure
HP: 50
Atk: 150
Def: 50
SpA: 150
SpD: 50
Spd: 150
Total: 600

Type: Psychic
Abilities: Pressure
HP: 50
Atk: 95
Def: 90
SpA: 95
SpD: 90
Spd: 180
Total: 600

Type: Dragon/Ground
Abilities: Sand Veil/Rough Skin
HP: 108
Atk: 130
Def: 95
SpA: 80
SpD: 85
Spd: 102
Total: 600

Type: Bug/Steel
Abilities: Download
HP: 71
Atk: 120
Def: 95
SpA: 120
SpD: 95
Spd: 99
Total: 600

Type: Water
Abilities: Hydration
HP: 100
Atk: 100
Def: 100
SpA: 100
SpD: 100
Spd: 100
Total: 600

Type: Normal
Abilities: Sheer Force
HP: 110
Atk: 160
Def: 110
SpA: 80
SpD: 110
Spd: 100
Total: 670

Type: Electric/Flying
Abilities: Speed Boost/Motor Drive
HP: 50
Atk: 65
Def: 107
SpA: 105
SpD: 107
Spd: 86
Total: 520

Type: Electric/Flying
Abilities: Prankster/Defiant
HP: 79
Atk: 100
Def: 70
SpA: 125
SpD: 80
Spd: 111
Total: 580

Suspect To Move Up From OU

Type: Grass/Dragon
Abilities: Overgrow/Contrary
HP: 82
Atk: 75
Def: 95
SpA: 75
SpD: 95
Spd: 113
Total: 535

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